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Time is a succession of infinite opportunities

When I stop worrying about time and feeling valued because "I have accomplished so much in so little time," my daily life becomes more pleasant. When I stop comparing time with productivity and agonizing over the hours left in the day and the seconds that flew by while I was "doing nothing," I start dancing with time unapologetically and let myself get carried away by the rhythm of each second.

Time for me is a unique succession of infinite opportunities. I want to flow in it, not try to catch up with it. Time is an ally, not a yardstick to measure my capabilities.

We deserve to enjoy the grace of time and to be #abundant with it. So many days, I won my self-imposed competition against time, thinking I didn't have enough, and yet I accomplished. How much more enjoyable those moments would have been if I had danced with time instead of rushed, thinking I had none or too little of it...

Let's apply an abundance mindset to our time.

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