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I am a interdisciplinary visual designer. My expertise includes Art Direction, UI Design, and UX Engineering.

I've designed products, services, and experiences for the Entertainment, Healthcare, and Financial industries. 

I am based in San Francisco, CA

I specialize in Visual Design with a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design and two Master's, one in Advertisement and the second one in Interaction and UI/UX Design. My work includes a rich and unique mixture of design projects that range from brand development and traditional Advertisement to UX design, video game UI, and Experiential Marketing. I love what I do; it is one of my passions, among writing and learning.

I've worked with fantastic people

Creative Director 

Gina is a talented, hard-working, and thoughtful designer. She brings a great attitude and positivity to everything she does. Gina is always motivated to push her designs to their fullest potential both visually and from a user experience point of view. Gina would be a valuable member to any team.

Annie Lawrenson

Strategy & Operations at Google

Creative, collaborative, and supremely conscientious, Gina arrived on the scene to an impossible task/timeline and not only designed a delightful experience but also brought it all to fruition. One didn't even have to ask – Gina could sense what needed doing and would make it so. Such a pleasure to think and create with her.

I remember coming across Gina's resume in an obscenely large pile and right away I knew we needed to contact her. Working with her exceeded all my expectations. She has a great design sensibility, eye for detail, and work ethic. It was always a pleasure to work with her, especially on the tightest of deadlines. We really managed to make some magic happen at Float with such a small team!

Keith Bendes

Head of Brand Strategy at Linqia

Gina is a savvy designer who has a great knack for blending art and business to deliver impactful work for partners. She is incredibly passionate about her practice and applies design thinking to all aspects of her work. Her collaborative mindset ensures the best ideas and designs surface regardless of the source of inspiration. She is an asset to any team.

Steve Chen

Director of Product Management at Penumbra, Inc

I worked with Gina for over 2 years while Float. Gina is a rare combination of talent, skill, and work ethic that makes her a pleasure to work with. We worked together on a wide variety of projects from brand design and strategy to technical R+D. Gina always brought her curiosity, keen sense of design, branding, aesthetics, and attention to detail. Having her on the team made good projects great, and great projects exceptional. I would recommend Gina wholeheartedly as both a highly talented single contributor or lead.

James Wickboldt

Graphic Design at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

I worked with Gina on many different projects and enjoyed the experience immensely. She is passionate about design and elevating the work around her. Her desire to learn helps to push her design to new places and her willingness to collaborate creates an infectious environment that helps a team succeed.

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