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Dear readers and friends,

After a pause that felt eternal, I am excited to announce that my blog is back, filled with renewed energy. Why the break? Well, life surprises us, and in my case, with an experience that profoundly changed my perspective: the loss of my beloved mother. This experience has led me to reconsider many things, including my relationship with writing.

Those who have followed my blog over the years know that writing is my lifeline. The words, reflections, and thoughts shared on these virtual pages have been my refuge on tearful days and my company on joyful ones. Each entry is a piece of the puzzle that is my life.

My mom is no longer physically with me, and her departure has prompted a profound shift in my morning writing. From my cozy corner, I face and learn to live with grief, and I want to share that experience and many others with you.

I organize my memories randomly, and that's precisely what I intend to do with my blog.

The lines in this space will focus on a wide range of topics, including life, death, grief, personal discovery, the mother/child relationship, IFS therapy, and my search for the inner child; the craft of writing, overcoming fear, spiritual exploration, and much more.

I am determined to reclaim this blog and turn it into a kind of encyclopedia, a library of thoughts and reflections on everyday life, the simple life we all share. But, I insist, why now? The answer is simple: because writing and sharing my thoughts with you left me with a unique feeling. The connection with readers of the book "The stroke of the days" that I published in 2021 was invigorating, and a blog provides a faster and freer vehicle to maintain this interaction.

So, after a few years of silence, I am back. This blog will be a flashback of experiences and emotions, a bridge between what is current and what I wrote before. I plan to interact with my texts myself, play with the evolution of my observations, and give dynamism to my reflective development.

Dear readers, I invite you to join this new stage of my blog. I trust in creating a virtual dialogue space where we can share thoughts, reflections, and experiences as if we were visiting, conversing, and enjoying each other's company.

Thank you for continuing to be part of this community. I am excited to be back and hope you enjoy what is to come!

With gratitude and enthusiasm,

Gina Lacayo

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