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My heart is the lighthouse through which my soul shines

A few weeks ago, I told my yoga instructor @cristinamadridyoga that our heart-opening classes are a challenge for me even though they are my favorite. She replied with my own words: "Lying on the block with the heart opened is uncomfortable. The heart doesn't stretch the way I would like it to." Then she added, "Discomfort is our medicine."

I agree with her; for me being uncomfortable is the goal. Before we get uncomfortable, we don't know we aren't well. The discomfort of those #yoga exercises invited me to inquire and then pause to reflect. The pain exposed a complaint I had grown accustomed to, "I am not as loving as I would like to be," and its respective excuse, "That's what I learned while growing up." But I know better, and I am responsible for helping my heart expand.

The following week while doing a meditation from the curse Quantum Empowered by @macarenachiriboga , I understood why it was being so hard for me to share (my heart). I thought that we share our love, passion, and magic by connecting with the universe through our crown #chakra, through that potent ray of light that I often see coming out of myself up into the cosmos. The problem was that on moving from heart to crown, the subtle energy of my being (dreams, feelings, emotions) was getting held by my thoughts.

The crown chakra is the portal through which we deliver our excess matter to the universe so that we can flow and receive renewed energy to keep on going. But we share our love, soul, and spirit from the heart; through it, we serve the world and materialize our dreams.

Now I visualize the heart's space as an ever-expanding circle, energized, radiating from its center forward a bright ray of light.

Probably that's why our heart classes with Cris concentrate on stretching the chest ahead and gently pushing the heart beyond the body.

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