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Drop the complaining, and you will be free

Complaining is a habit. It is the victim's favorite tool; it comes from a mentality of scarcity and unappreciation.

The antidote for complaining is appreciation and an abundance mindset. To change our habit of complaining, first, we must understand that it is a habit rooted in our body, but since it is a habit, we can change it. Then we practice conscious complaining; that is, you complain, knowing that you are complaining and that with this, you are accepting your situation as a victim. And you do not want to be a victim, do you? No, we want to be free.

How am I appreciative in my day-to-day? It is simple but not easy. It requires constant practice. Change your automatic complaint about the little things -> "What noise these dogs make, I can't stand them anymore!" to an appreciation for the great things you have -> "I am thankful I can hear dogs barking." Be grateful. Remember that there are people who can't hear.

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