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The kids are looking

About two years ago, I saw a viral photo of a mom and her daughter sitting on the metro; the picture's focus was the little girl patiently reading a book next to her mom also reading. My first thought was, “how do I get this with my kids?” “how do I teach them to enjoy reading like this?” - Months later, I saw a woman and her girl both reading in the metro; it was inspiring. I even took a picture. I kept on with my life, always carrying a book, a notebook, and a pen in my bag... One day, I saw Felipe “writing” during our trips to the park, sitting next to me instead of running around. That day I stopped comparing myself and my kids to that viral picture; instead, I began packing two notebooks + extra pens on my bag and continued to do what I love, writing in the park, resting in the certainty that he is paying attention.

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