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Beach Chalet Soccer Club
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Beach Chalet Soccer Club is a club that organizes, manages, and promotes a safe and fun soccer experience for the San Francisco community. It is where San Francisco's soccer enthusiasts go to improve their skills, make friends, enroll in competitive tournaments, and buy soccer gear. Solid values, tech expertise, and passion for the game empower club members to be their best selves in and out of the field.

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BCSC owner and sons at Beach Chalet Fields, San Francisco, CA.

Project Objectives

Create a strong Brand.
Position the brand as a fun and friendly environment for kids and adults.
Design a logo that is appealing to kids and adults. 
Showcase BCSC's best attributes on its Website and Social Media.
Strategize and design content for Social Media and Digital Marketing. 
Support my client's vision while making his dream a reality.
Make my client feel happy and proud of his business.

My role

Art Director, Design Strategist, and Designer

My job as a Brand Developer is to help my clients communicate clearly with their customers. To do that, I created the Brand Soul & DNA formula which consists of four questionnaires. 


#1 Blue Print In this questionnaire, I am looking for my client's dreams and ambitions in life. I ask them about their aspirations. We talk about the people they want to serve and why. I encourage them to wonder about these people's lives, challenges, and needs. We imagine why the world needs this product or service. Putting words to grand ideas is hard for most people, so I use the questions to extract their feelings and thoughts and write them down. We then identify good problems and define objectives to help conquer them. Through this personal, almost intimate approach to discovering more about the project, I introduce my clients to a creative way of thinking.

BCSC's Problems

  • There are just a few youth soccer clubs in San Francisco for quality recreational soccer.

  • Bad-managed competitive youth soccer clubs have a negative influence on kids. 

  • There are not many leagues in San Francisco for adult soccer enthusiasts.

Once in the creative world, where anything can happen, I help my clients discover their Genious Zone, by asking what they do well and how we can incorporate it into the project. 


BCSC's Genious Zone

  • Leadership

  • Finding Common ground


  • Teaching 

  • Entrepreneur 

  • Organized 

  • Technology Savvy

  • Soccer Player for 40+ years

  • Father of two boys

  • Compassionate & Kind

  • Creative

#2 Community In this questionnaire, I am looking for my client's aspirations and the people they wish to serve. I help them identify their customer's wants and needs. I encourage my clients to consider how their services and products will impact their customers' lives. Here we work on defining and studying their Target Market and Ideal User — the most challenging task for every client but crucial to visualize and connect with the people they want to help. We go through the task of defining demographics, lifestyle preferences, social habits, and psychological factors.


#3 Appearance In this part of the journey, I am trying to get a feel for my client's design tastes and preferences. I ask for adjectives that best describe their vision of the project, and specific imagery, symbols, shapes, or objects that appeal to them. We create a list of competitors and influences and analyze them.​ I use the answers to design moodboards and, from there, deepen the design conversation.​

BCSC's design aesthetics

  • Adjectives: Local, Fun, and Institutional

  • ​Imagery: Soccer ball, Windmill, Ocean, Sunset  

  • Logos: Nike, Tesla, IBM, FedEx, Citi

  • Feelings: Joy, Inspired, Playful, Energetic

  • ​Top competitors:  SF Youth Soccer, SF United, San Francisco Vikings 


BCSC Moodboard

BCSC's Logo 

Beach Chalet Soccer Club's logo aimed to honor the owner and CEO's passion for soccer, love for San Francisco, and connection to Beach Chalet Fields in Golen Gate Park where he and his friends have been playing soccer for more than 20 years. 

Colors & Logo Inspiration


Ocean Beach Orange Sunset


San Francisco
Sky Blue


Golden Gate Park
Dutch-style Windmill


Soccer Action
Ball & Net


Club Color Palette

Club Logo

Logo Solid.png

Main design element: The logo's main element is a windmill— a San Francisco landmark. Beach Chalet Fields is located between two windmills at the end of Golden Gate Park. San Francisco locals are familiar with this shape and recognize its value to the city. 

Pattern & shape: I used a hexagonal pattern to represent the soccer ball and net. The logo style is a circular emblem that connects the club to the universal representation of organizations, schools, and institutions. 

Style & Font: I kept the logo fun, modern, and professional with clean lines and a simple Sans Serif font (Avenir). 

#4 Strategy Lastly we explore the best strategy to solve our problem. Sometimes, this is through Digital Marketing or Content Creation, packaging, or pricing; it depends on the project.


BCSC's Strategy

  • Website: A one-stop shop website tailored to the San Francisco soccer enthusiasts community where parents could shop, learn about and enroll their kids in soccer experiences, and adult players could register for tournaments and track their team's performance. 

  • Organic user-generated content: Supply the player with quality material through YouTube, Instagram, and WhatsApp for them to share with their network. 

  • Paid Advertising: Promote event-focused campaigns on social media. 

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Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 2.27.04 PM.png

Adult + Tournaments Social Media Content

Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 9.42.28 AM (2).png

Live Streaming with VEO Live


Youth Academy Social Media Content

Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 10.49.26 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 10.48.30 AM.png

Summer Camp 2022 Google Ads and Social Media Marketing Campain

At the end of our Brand Development journey, my clients are happy and proud of the results and the partnership we built while working together. Every client gets their designs deliverables and a Brand DNA presentation which they can use as a Pitch Deck. 

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